Special Sessions

  • Special Session on «Network Softwarization»

    In recent years, the heterogeneity and variability of Internet applications have increased significantly. Today, the network is no longer the transport network as it was previously known. Video streaming accounts for a large portion of all Internet traffic, and Internet telephony and video conferencing systems have become part of our daily lives. At the same time, the Internet of Things seeks to surpass all previous expectations of the number of devices, and smartphones and tablets are contributing to the ever-increasing demands on networks. In addition, the proliferation of all types of media hubs also increases the adoption and development of video games, upcoming virtual reality applications, 360 ° videos, and more. On the technical side, this leads to new paths in the direction of network softwarization, analytics, big data, and automated machine learning techniques in cloud and mobile networks.

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    Special Session on «Human-Machine Interaction and its Applications»

    Human-Machine Interaction currently plays important roles in many applications such as medical treatment, disables assistance, image processing-based system, elderly care, computer-aided diagnosis, and so on. The characteristic of human visual/audio system and biomedical data processing, its information, and limitation have to be first of all clearly studied, and the artificial or deep learning systems should be then developed. In this session, we discuss the future interaction system on the basis of theory, fundamental concept, and its applications towards the human visual/audio functions including body-related data processing and possibility for future development.

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